IPA Region 1 Tour of Trinity College & Irish Whiskey Museum

Shortly before Christmas 2018, members of IPA Ireland Region 1 explored some of the most popular sites in Dublin city centre – The Irish Whiskey Museum and Trinity College.

The Irish Whiskey Museum is a popular place for whiskey connoisseurs, where one can sample some of the finest brands of Irish whiskey, learn about its history, buy souvenirs and simply sit back and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Trinity College, the best known university in Ireland, dates back to 1592. Located in the historic heart of Dublin City, the campus houses 25 separate schools and departments, each focusing on different aspects of research and sciences.

The IPA tour was concluded with an obligatory visit to the nearby pubs.

The Irish Whiskey Museum
Whiskey sampling
IPA members in The Whiskey Museum
IPA members in The Whiskey Museum
Trinity College
Trinity College IPA Region 1
Trinity College (IPA Region 1)
Trinity College at night
Trinity College at night
The few pints after were mandatory
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