March 2019 IPA IAC Newsletter

IPA Ireland is proud to share the March 2019 IPA Newsletter, published by our Association’s International Administration Centre (IAC).

The International Administration Centre (IAC) is the official office of the IPA, maintained by the International Executive Board and employing professional staff.

Located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, the IAC is the first point of contact for any questions by IPA members and the general public alike.

The March edition of the Newsletter features a piece written by IPA Ireland’s Vice President, Declan O’Byrne.

(see page 5 of the Newsletter)

Declan writes about the hosting of the IPA International Executive Board (IEB) in Dublin for their meeting in January 2019. 

The IEB meeting sessions started on the morning of 30 January 2019. At lunchtime, the International Executive Board was joined by members of the IPA Ireland National Executive Committee and then both executives headed to Garda Headquarters, where they were greeted by members of Region 1 IPA Ireland, and Region 1 Secretary Brian O’Dea gave a brief introduction of the history of the Headquarters.
Declan O'Byrne
IPA Ireland Vice President
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