Region 2 rows in support of Pieta House

Contribution by John McCann, Region 2

We are pleased to announce that a number of our IPA members, both serving and retired, who are also members of the Dalkey Rowing Club, are completing a Sunrise Row in aid of Pieta House.

This activity will run in conjunction with the Darkness into Light Walk, which is a worldwide event for Pieta House.

Our IPA Region 2 members who will participate in the event are all active and experienced rowers.

IPA Ireland Region 2 members: Barry Martin, Pedar McCann, John McCann, John Fahey
Members of IPA Region 2 and Dalkey Rowing Club

Pieta House is an Irish charity committed to raising awareness around the issues of mental health.

Darkness Into Light is about hope and how hope is something Pieta House endeavour to give to each person who comes to them in their time of need. They help everyone to  feel more hopeful about the future as they continue to tackle the grave issue of suicide and self-harm in Ireland. 

For more information, visit:
Coliemore Harbour in Dalkey

The Sunrise Row will begin at 4:15am, Saturday 11th May 2019 from Coliemore Harbour, weather permitting.

Sunrise on the day is predicted to be 5:30am and a half hour before high tide.

All proceeds raised from this row will go directly to Pieta House Charity.

If you would like to donate to this event, please follow the instructions within the link below:

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