IPA Ireland and COVID19

IPA Ireland and COVID19

As we move deeper into this unprecedented public health emergency, IPA Section Ireland are doing what we can in this joint effort to prevent the spread of COVID19 to protect the vulnerable members of our communities, including our own membership. We have postponed all social activities and suspended new bookings in our properties in Ireland. Internationally, professional police training events and seminars have been cancelled. We will do what is necessary to protect our members, staff and volunteers.

With over 70% of our membership currently serving members of An Garda Síochána, IPA Ireland proudly support our colleagues on the frontline in this emergency, keeping people safe. Our thoughts are with our police colleagues in countries that have been hit hard by this virus.

Rest assured, that when we have prevailed, IPA will be a means for our members to again connect with police colleagues around the World, sharing experiences and doing what we do best, Servo Per Amikeco, Service through Friendship. In the meantime, lets continue to practice good hygiene, maintain social distancing, and continue to support our police, healthcare, and emergency services personnel.

Servo Per Amikeco


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