20th July 2018



IPA Seminars are held at IBZ Schloss Gimborn.

IPA Ireland will provide sponsorship for the attendance of 10 IPA Ireland members in 2018.

IPA Sponsorship will cover full cost of attendance at the Seminar including accommodation and all meals.

Members attending will be responsible for all travel costs.

Flights may be booked through the IPA Travel Bureau at the IPA Office.

Applications to attend should be made through your Regional Secretary

Apply with your name, address, reg. number, seminar number and & date when you wish to attend.

All applications must be with Regional Secretaries on or before Friday 29th December 2017.

Selected members will be notified following the selection process at national level.


Must be member of IPA for at least one year

Must not have been a recipient of a scholarship to Gimborn in least 5 years

Must have own travel insurance and E1.11 form

Must arrange and pay for own flights to and from Dusseldorf/ Cologne

Must arrange and pay for travel to and from Irish airport

Free places 2018 are only for Irish sponsored seminars

Must obey all IPA rules and local rules in Gimborn

IPA Seminar Programme 2018
IPA Seminar Application Form
List of Regional Secretaries 2018-2021
IPA Seminar Programme 2018

Click here for the full IPA Gimborn seminar programme for 2018

IPA Seminar Application Form

Click here for the IPA Gimborn seminar application form

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