May 2019 IPA IAC Newsletter – and the Irish IPA contribution

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Gimborn Castle

This month’s IPA IAC Newsletter features the following:


  • Cultural updates from IPA friends from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

  • IPA Croatia introduce a new competition: ‘Trap Shooting 2019’

  • IPA Romania welcome their 100,000th member

  • Collectors of Police Insignia – the Guardians of Police History

  • … and more!

There is also a contribution from the IPA Section Ireland – a piece written by Ann Liston, covering the recent ski trip to Nowy Targ in Poland.

On behalf of the group, I thank everybody who made this trip possible and to you, our Polish friends, who organised so much for us. We look forward to returning the favour and one day hosting you here in Ireland.
Ann Liston
Travel Officer, IPA Ireland

April 2019 IPA IAC Newsletter and updates

This month’s IPA IAC Newsletter features, among other content:

  • News from IPA Botswana
  • Updates from IPA sections Netherlands and Iceland
  • Seminars in Kenya and Estonia
  • Calendar of various IPA events for the next 12 months


Furthermore, Valencia Region of IPA Spain have asked to disseminate an invitation to the 5th International Meeting of Police Collectors taking place on 1st June 2019.

This could be a perfect opportunity for any collector to meet like-minded individuals, exchange collectible items and enjoy some sunny weather that Spain has to offer!

March 2019 IPA IAC Newsletter

IPA Ireland is proud to share the March 2019 IPA Newsletter, published by our Association’s International Administration Centre (IAC).

The International Administration Centre (IAC) is the official office of the IPA, maintained by the International Executive Board and employing professional staff.

Located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, the IAC is the first point of contact for any questions by IPA members and the general public alike.

The March edition of the Newsletter features a piece written by IPA Ireland’s Vice President, Declan O’Byrne.

(see page 5 of the Newsletter)

Declan writes about the hosting of the IPA International Executive Board (IEB) in Dublin for their meeting in January 2019. 

The IEB meeting sessions started on the morning of 30 January 2019. At lunchtime, the International Executive Board was joined by members of the IPA Ireland National Executive Committee and then both executives headed to Garda Headquarters, where they were greeted by members of Region 1 IPA Ireland, and Region 1 Secretary Brian O’Dea gave a brief introduction of the history of the Headquarters.
Declan O'Byrne
IPA Ireland Vice President